Writing school project in Nigeria

Some of us know, while others might have heard of how writing a final year or MSC project in Nigeria can be frustrating, from all the running around, sourcing for materials, typing, so much money spent in having to retype over and over (depending on the supervisor though), some people get to print questionnaires, others do interviews, research or practicals depending on your department and choice of topic. But, many people would agree with me that the running around and the work might be the least of your problems, if you are assigned an overbearing supervisor. While some people are luck enough to have an easygoing supervisor, who attends to you well enough, and makes sure you are graded well also regardless of surrounding circumstances(yes, there could be trust me, these type of supervisors are the best), meanwhile, others might be assigned some sadists lecturers as supervisors who make their final lap more stressful than it would have been, and unbearable, they might still end up not giving you what you are worth because of nonchalance and negligence on their part, they night end up giving you a lousy C if you are lucky, not because you didn’t do well, but most probably, they might as well have village people who don’t like them. lol so they put all the frustration on that poor student that they are meant to supervise. Well, different folks with different strokes, so let me know what your experience was/is, as a student writing that compulsory project in a Nigerian University. Pictures below also capture the beautiful works of some students, where they used Falz the badt guy and Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary as case studies respectively. Also, a picture below shows where your project might end up if care is not taken.


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