Wife beats up husband whenever he asks for sex

A housewife named Bayonle Bamidele has been taken to customary court in Agodi, Ibadan, by her husband Adeyemi Bamidele, who filed a divorce on the bases that she deprives him of his right;he claims that the marriage of eight years has no child yet his wife beats him up, and denies him sex, even threatens to kill him. He claims that that was the main reason he married her and since she denies him that, he wants a divorce. However, the wife Bayonle Bamidele claims that she refuses to sleep with her husband so that he wont give her HIV. She said that her husband is a flirt and a womanizer that sleeps around with women,  and always brought them to their matrimonial home. She states that she has granted him the divorce, as she cannot give her body to a flirt so he wouldn’t infect her with a disease. Adeyemi claimed that he married his wife for her to give him children and satisfy his urge in the bedroom. Hmmm what do you think about this?


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