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Starting now on LWJ, we celebrate celebrities on their birthdays.

If you were born today, Happy birthday to you! and also note celebrities you share your birthday with.

The first celebrity for the month of march, born on the 1st of March is:

Justin Bieber Turns 24

Justin born 1st March 1994 is a Canadian singer and songwriter. The famous pop singer, who has won numerous awards throughout his career, started his music career at a very tender age, about 12 years ago, turns 24 years old today. since the singer/actor has gotten some pretty impressive gifts for his previous birthdays including a MV Agusta motorbike designed to look like the ‘Bat Bike’ for his 19th birthday, among others, we are looking out for what he would be getting this year.

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Lupita Nyong’o turns 35

Lupita, born March 1, 1983) is a Kenyan-Mexican actress. The daughter of Kenyan politician Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, she was born in Mexico City Nyong’o began her career in Hollywood as a production assistant. She starred in the television series Shuga(2009–2012).

Immediately after graduating from Yale, Nyong’o landed her breakthrough role[30]when she was cast for Steve McQueen‘s historical drama 12 Years a Slave(2013).Nyong’o was nominated for several awards for 12 Years a Slave, and won a few. In 2015 Nyong’o returned to stage as she made her Broadway debut as a teenage orphan  with a starring role as an unnamed girl in the play Eclipsed, for which she was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play. Happy Birthday to you!

Lupita Nyong'o May 2017.jpg


And the last, but indeed not the least celebrity celebrating her birthday today is:

Kesha turns 31

Kesha was born March 1, 1987 in Los Angeles, California., is an American singer, songwriter, actress and rapper.Kesha has received several awards and nominations, including her win for MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act in 2010. As of November 2013, she has reportedly sold over 59 million records in the United States and 76 million records worldwide. some of Kesha’s released songs include; Praying- Rainbow ( 2017), Die Young -Warrior (2012), Blah Blah Blah -Animal (2010), Your Love Is My Drug -Animal (2010), This Is Me- 2017

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We wish everyone celebrating today a Happy Birthday!

Couple Publicly Flogged For Getting Married Without Their Parents Consent, and Eloping

A man and woman have been publicly whipped by and disgraced by Taliban Militants for getting married without their parents approval and eloping from Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province.

The couple were brought back with the intervention of elders after they fled the province of Ghor in western Afghanistan after their marriage

“The incident happened in the Bandar area of Kohistanat district, an area under the control of Taliban,”provincial police spokesman Karim Yurish told dpa.

“On Monday afternoon, Taliban militants lashed them in a public trial,” the spokesman added.

So-called desert courts or  public trials,by the Islamist insurgent group have become increasingly common in areas under the militants’ control, as the Taliban expand their territory and influence.

According to U.S. and Afghan officials, the Taliban’s control or influence, spans around 13 per cent of the country.

taliban flogged couple.jpg

On February 14th, news had it that these Talibans stoned a couple to death for adultery charges

Transgender Woman Further Transitions Into A Dragon, After Being Diagnosed With HIV

These days, with the help of all kinds of technologies, people can practically transform into anything. News have it that a male to female transgender has further started her transformation into a dragon, after being diagnosed with HIV. She said she wanted to “not die a human”.

Dragon lady: Tiamat is November 2012, before undergoing nose and ear surgery. She has had extensive cosmetic treatments and body modification, including facial tattooing and 'horns' on her forehead (pictured)

The 56 years old former banker, was named “Richard Hernandez” at birth, but after he transgendered into a female goes by “Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa”, Tiamat for short. Eva spent a minimum of £42k for the transformation process,  It started off by getting tattoos and scarification on its face and chest to make it look like it has scales instead of human skin, and has  gone ahead to have a whole slew of transformative work done: Tooth extraction, eye coloring (dying his eye green), implantation of horns (eight horns precisely), removal of ears, modification of nose and a procedure to give it a forked tongue.

Tiamat before her reptilian nose procedure  It left her with prominent scarring

 Dramatic transformation of Tiamat before (left) and after (right) her reptilian nose procedure with scarring

The self acclaimed “most modified transsexual in the world”, is from Bruni, Texas, and prefers to adverb “it” to be used in describing itself

Leaving the corporate world behind, Eva began morphing into the reptilian form she’d always longed to have, claiming that after being abandoned by her parents at the age of five, she was ‘born again’ under the care of the western diamondback rattlesnake.

The now 56-year-old began her transformation with a series of scale tattoos before later having her nose re-shaped, ears removed and the whites of her eyes permanently stained green – all costing an estimated $60,000(£42k)

But with a further $40,000 (£28k) worth of modifications still planned, Eva opened up about her ‘trans-speciesism’ to The Wizard of Odd TV (**mandatory hyperlink**) in a hope to break down the boundaries for others like her.

Eva said: “For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life.

“There are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.

“I have eight horns on my forehead; I have had my ears removed; my nose reshaped; most of my teeth removed; I’ve had the white-part of my eyes stained; my tongue bifurcated; my whole face is tattooed and I’ve had some scarification and branding on my chest and wrist.

“I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay-man for 53-years and now as a transsexual woman.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be transsexual and then further than that – something that I’m introducing – the idea of trans-speciesism.“I consider myself not just to be human anymore; I’m human and reptilian.

“My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete.

“This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live.”

According to an article in the Daily Mail, “Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa” — or “Tiamat” for short — refers to itself as a “mythical beast.”

“I am the Dragon Lady, A pre-op M2F (male to female) transgender in the process of morphing into a human dragon, becoming a reptoid as I shed my human skin and my physical appearance and my life as a whole leaving my humanness behind and embracing my most natural self awareness as a mythical beast,” Tiamat explains on its website.

Tiamat’s website also contains a blog where it writes about its life as a dragon:

“I am no liar and those who do not know me, need to know this truth,” a post from Monday states.


Religious Crisis In Kaduna: 12 Dead, 1000 Houses Burnt As Clash Worsens

kaduna clash.4.jpg

12 discovered dead from the clash in Kasuwan Magani town in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state, Nigeria, as a result of the Monday, February 26, 2018 clash.No fewer than 1,000 shops and several vehicles were torched in the violent clash that occurred between Christian and Muslim youths in Kaduna
kaduna clash.1

The Crisis started when a Christian girl who was allegedly engaged to a Muslim man was about to convert to Islam, a development that angered youths of the predominantly Christian settlement.

kaduna clash.2

Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Austin Iwar, who disclosed the new death toll , said 18 people had also been arrested. Addressing journalists after a fact-finding and assessment visit to the area, the Police Commissioner vowed that no stone would be left unturned in unravelling the immediate and remote causes of the crisis.

The Police Commissioner, in company of the General Officer Commanding I Division of the Nigerian Army, Kaduna, Major-General Mohammed Mohammed and state commandant of the National Security and Civil Defence Corps, Modu Goni, had this to say;“It is unfortunate. As we can see, the level of destruction is very high, some people were killed and properties were destroyed. This is not what we wish for our state, Kaduna. “Let me say that we will not leave any stone unturned in investigating the remote and immediate causes of this problem. We will talk to the stakeholders here and try to find out what the problem is and through civil problem solving approach and conflict resolution, we will deal with that.”
kaduna clash.3

The Police commissioner also disclosed that bombs and other dangerous items were also recovered.

His words:“We will also look at the criminal aspect of it. So far, we have arrested eighteen people we suspect were involved in the crisis. We are working round the clock to ensure that we get to the root of the matter……..“We have recovered a number of dangerous items, including petrol bombs. We believe this is a planned thing and we will get to the root of the matter. We will do a thorough investigation to ensure that it does not happen again.”

He said the police was aware of “skirmishes” in the area two weeks ago and had made some arrests “but we did not know that there was a grand design to carry out massive destruction as it happened.”  ……“The most important thing to us is, when was it reported to us? Travelling from Kaduna to this place takes about forty minutes. We needed to prepare and mobilize our men. Police officers are not like items sitting on the shelves of supermarkets…………“We needed to bring people from other places. We took necessary steps to check the crisis. We brought in military reinforcement, Civil Defence and Police reinforcement,” he added.

The Police commissioner added that eleven victims of the crisis were buried around 12 midnight, while one person who sustained injuries later died in the hospital on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

kaduna clash
Meanwhile, the Senate has cautioned religious, political, community leaders against hate speech to avoid hate actions. It also said any conflict with religious colouration would be the fastest way to liquidate Nigeria as a country. Speaking yesterday, in Abuja during plenary when Senator Shehu Sani (APC, Kaduna Central) raised a point of order on the killings, destruction of property in Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who presided over plenary, said if all Nigerians, irrespective of class, religion and status, treat themselves as brothers and sisters, those following them would follow.
Ekweremadu, who urged the leaders to try as hard as they can to avoid escalation of religious crisis in Nigeria, said: “This is one incident too many. This is becoming very worrisome. What is even more worrisome is the religious colouration to the killings, based on what Senator Shehu Sani has said. This is something we need to avoid. “That is, any conflict that will have religious colouration, that will be the fastest way to liquidate this country. As leaders, we must understand that leadership comes with responsibilities. It is our job to keep preaching to those who are leading through our actions and words that we belong to one God. “The fact that somebody is a Christian or Muslim does not mean that he should hate another person. I have not seen any religion that preaches hate killings. It is the way we behave that promotes that. “We are talking about hate speech. The worst of it is hate action. If we treat ourselves as brothers and sisters, those following us will follow us. We must try as hard as we can, not to have any religious escalation in Nigeria.”
Senator Shehu Sani said; “The mayhem was attributed to youths who decided to take laws into their hands. But it had the colouration of religious violence. Everyday, we wake up in this country and we are faced with one form of violence or another. We are now accepting the reality that violence is the way of life.
“It is unfortunate that we wake up everyday and we see killings, kidnappings and other things that shake the stability and unity of this country in every respect. I use this opportunity to appeal to all parties involved in all forms of violence to know that we cannot achieve any progress without peace. “The unity of Nigeria is not about the flag or the anthem, but the establishment of a system that ensures justice, harmony and love among one another. I want the Senate to identify with us in our time of crisis.
“We must live together as Christians and as Muslims in this country. We need to live as people, despite the fact that we are from different parts of the country.”

Cool Fm OAP Daddy Freeze Blasts Redeem Pastor For Asking Church Members to Comb Their Hair Forward Not Backward

Some pastors and their doctrines though… On Air Personality(OAP) Daddy Freeze, has attacked a pastor of The Redeemed Church for asking his church members to comb their hair forward instead of backward. Daddy Freeze seems to be infuriated by the pastors statement as he posts; “Samson in the Bible had dreadlocks… how would he have combed his hair backward or forward?

“All these demented doctrines by delusional dingbats that don’t have a clue about Christianity…

“◄ Judges 16:13 ► If you weave the seven braids of my head into the fabric…”

According to Daddy Freeze,  the pastor told the members that by combing their hair forward, forwardness and not backwardness will be their portion.
What does combing of hair have to do with backwardness or forwardness? what about people who have long hairs, would they also comb their hair forward? Hard-work is the key to forwardness, not adding personal superstitious sentiments to religion.

He also shared this on Twitter:

Meet UK Man Who Tattooed His Face And Full Body Black


Art is truly a beautiful beautiful thing, and requires appreciation. while some would rather have art works on their walls, gates, and gardens, others would rather have these art works on their body. the case of a UK based tattoo addict Eli Ink must be the weirdest and most extreme form of appreciation I have seen, as the white man tattooed his full body black.


The 27 year old tattoo lover spent 10 to 12 years modifying his body and creating new looks for himself. He used several coats of black ink to permanently darken his skin colour. He also implanted stretchers in his nose, ears and lower part of his lips, and even dyed his eyes black, as part of the transformation process to turn himself into a walking exhibition of his tats.

eli ink2.jpg

The tattoo artist also went on to dye his eye and eyeballs black, and also inked the inner part of his mouth. he went on to say; “I’ve always been blown away by art itself. Picasso is a huge childhood inspiration to me, especially abstract art, but I do like all forms of art. Body art was just the next local step for me growing up. “I wanted to look like an abstract character in one of Picasso’s paintings. I love the abstract look, no thought , just pure expression.”


The tattoo king who  sees his body as a canvas that can display his fine art work, explains that “In my opinion, the only person who will only ever understand my transition properly is me. I don’t attempt to describe it to anyone,” he told the Mail Online.


Mr Ink admitted there can be horrifying consequences if the eye dying procedure goes wrong. The procedure involves tattooing the whites of eyeballs involves delicately injecting ink in-between two layers of the Scleral of the eye and letting it spread out. He added: “That’s the risk you take letting anyone near your eyes, even trained surgeons can make mistake. Body modification is a risk taker’s lifestyle.”

eli ink

Speaking of his dating life, The gardener, turned full-time tattoo artists extreme transformation seems not to be a threat to his love life, He says his girlfriend Holly, another body-mod enthusiast, is madly in love with him.


He doesn’t seem bothered about negative reaction.He said: “The best is always nice compliments, that’s always nice to hear, either from tattoo collectors or just passers-by, the worst is always older generation looking down on you and making you feel worthless.”


Eli said he has not yet finished with his tattoos “Well, the head is half-finished and some other parts of my body as well. I want to get it all black and then I will get white designs on top which should look really cool. And then ten years later, if I don’t like the white design anymore, I can just get another layer of black to cover it up and get new white designs. It will basically work like a chalkboard.”



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How Parents, Unknowingly Destroy Their Child(ren)’s Dream(s)

This article might be offensive to some, an eye opener to some, and just a plain “I knew it!” to others, but regardless of what it is to you, someone just has to pen this out. Whether you like it or not, you can’t be right in everything.

Culturally, most times, especially in the African culture, it is unheard of, for one to say that an elder is wrong, or is lying. But in as much as we want to keep the balance for respect, there should be a limit to what elders can meddle in. An elder can meddle, when a child is moving towards becoming a threat to the society, or is putting his/her hands into things that would hurt him/her in future, but there are some aspects that parents and elders should not meddle in a child/ward, which is a childs dream and purpose in life, as doing this would be like meddling in the balance of nature, which would definitely end in catastrophy.

I would point out that some parents have their child(ren)s life already mapped out in their head, that once a child begins to deviate from this “created idea”, they begin to see a lot of fault in that child. Okay, let me chip this in here- No Child Is Useless!!

Every person was born with a special gift. Some call it purpose, some call it talent, but regardless of what you call it, it is important to harness and build on these gifts and talents. but just like in the parable of talents in the bible, while two were able to multiply their talents, the third person buried his talent, and when their master came back, he praised those that brought interest, and became angry at the one that returned back the single talent which he had buried.  So the master took the talent from him and gave it to him who has the ten talents.  The verse 29 went on to say “For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This chapter of the bible gives an in-depth importance religious -wise of building talents. now going back to parents, please, every child was born with an innate talent, so it is your job as a parent to watch your child/ward, and notice traits that he/she exhibits, things that he/she pick interest in, and are easily caught doing. if a child likes to join things together, start early, and support him/her, as the child grows older, ask them questions, like ‘which do you prefer?’, or ‘would you rather do this.. than that..?’. Note that you must not be judgemental about these issues.

A parent/guardians duty is to guide these young ones, and not dictate for them. If your child see you as a dictator, he/she would grow into becoming rebellious, which in itself is very catastrophic.

If a child likes dancing, and is great at it, encourage the child,if you can afford an instructor, get one, if a child likes fixing things and is good at it, encouyrage that child. Give your child education, that way, the child would be more exposed to understanding what he/she prefers. if the child likes instruments, teach him/her how to play them, cameras, sports, art, science, selling, writing, acting, baking, whichever natural talent a child has should be nurtured. empower these kids with skills that you derived from their innate abilities.

childrens dreams.9childrens dreams.6.jpg4

You might havegood intentions as a parent/guardian, but when you do it the wrong way, it can affect the child negatively. Remember – passion is the best driving force in a persons career. the pay cheque might sustain you for a while, but what keeps you for long is the passion you have for what you do.

childrens dreams.4.jpg78

Parents/guardians/sponsors have various reasons why they might want to restrict a wards career preferences, they include;

The Need To Relive: some parents want to relive their life through their child(ren) this is as a result of past mistakes, experiences and under-achievements. therefore, they believe that a particular career would be more lucrative for a child, therefore, that career that they were unable to build for themselves they force on the child. This is a hugh No-No a child already knows what attracts him/her, and would not be so bright in another field where e/she has no interest.

Fear: some parent force particular professions on a child that they believe would make them live a secure life.

Pure Jealousy: as weird as it might sound, mischievously, some parents would restrict a child for fear of the unknown. These kind of parents have already had their dreams squashed while growing up, and they cant comprehend that dreams can be actualization, they internalize that wanting dreams is bad, When their children want their dreams it rouses fear in the parents so they in turn squash their childs dreams so they can remain on the same level. this is as a result of the atmosphere where they grew up.

The Need To Fulfill Their Own Dreams: while growing up, and before marriage/childbirth, some parents plan the entire lives of their children. The already fantasize about escapades, career choices, gender, and many other unpredictable things. This shouldn’t be so, as it leads to frustration and when you cant achieve it in reality. therefore, you should not blame the child for that, parents should know this because, just the way you can’t tell the complexion or the face of a baby that is in the womb, you can’t also predict what a child would like to be. your child is a completely new being that is different from you. believe me, you don’t share the same purpose, so, you should allow your child to choose for him/herself, while your job is to guide the child.

Like i said earlier, no child is completely dumb. God’s creation is never useless, but the problem still boils down to the system in general, and parenting in particular. Your job as a parent is to understand a child, and discover his/her strengths. work on those strengths to make them better. A person in his teenage years can  help him/herself to an extent, but still needs council, acceptance, and assistance from parents/wards.All animals are unique and strong achievers in their own domain, but they look like failures in an unnatural territory, for instance; an eagle sours the sky for miles, it looks unstoppable in its territory, its a fierce bird right? but the moment you take it out of that territory to the sea for example, it begins to struggle, at that point, it looks like a failure to great fishes who do very well in their own territory. Take a shark out of the sea, and it wont survive, but in the sea, it is a great animal. Even animals understand the job of nature, a leopard cant change its spots. The innate gifts of a child should be nurtured and not changed. it can be supported, but not changed. Do these and watch you child succeed.

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Monkeys Carted Away N70million from Senators Farm House. Nigerians Blast the senators

Image result for monkey money

Okay, we really have some smart ass monkeys in this country – the news have it that these animals successfully stole N70million from a senators farm house. Recall that we recently had an incident if a snake that swallowed N36million from Jamb Office in Benue State, and now another animal has done it again! Smart animals right?

This reminds us of “The Animal Farm” by George Orwell, where animals in a certain farm were fed up of how they were being treated by their owners and wanted liberation. the animals proclaimed all of humanity to be cruel oppressors, and animals will only be liberated if they band together and rebel against their human owners.

So, with the recent happenings, can we say that this rebellious revolution is coming into reality as our animals now know the value of money and chose to cart them away in large amount?

money monkey1

Going back to the source of the information, Senator Shehu Sani( APC, Kaduna) gave some insights that about #70million belonging to the Northern Senators Forum, was claim ed to have been carted away be monkeys in a Farm House. He stated that this was why Abdullahi Adamu (APC Nasarawa) was removed as chairman of Northern Senators Forum. Abdullahi Adamu’s removal was announced in a letter read by the presiding officer Ike Ekweremadu, shortly before the end of the plenary on Wednesday. The letter which was signed by the forums Public Relation Officer, Dino Malaye noted that Mr Adamu was removed for ‘”financial mismanagement and misadministration”. Both Dino Malaye and the accused Mr Adamu have refused to speak about the Monkey and #70million allegation; Mr Adamu told journalists that he would speak at the appropriate time.

While this is ongoing, twitter influencers/users, have gone on twitter to tweet their candid opinions about the situation.

memesmemes 2

However, some twitter users said that the Monkey and #70million may have been sarcastic, instance:

david plies

Following this, Dino Malaye took to social media to posta picture of himself and Sen Shehu Sanni which he captioned; “Sen Shehu and I strategizing on how to arrest the Monkey that stole our money”.

Nigerians didnt find the humour in the lawmakers post,

They described the situation of blaming animals for stolen funds as a shame to the country.

DAILY POST brings you some of the comments:

@chrisakugold “You are talking nonsense thief. You are one of those monkey that stole the money. God will punish you m.@dinomelaye

@osakwe “You should be ashamed of ur self !!! When your time expires on earth u will acct to a greater power !

@krystolite “imagine such statement from a statesman, joke or not. Oro jati jati

@yucyfix “You guys really ought to be ashamed of yourselves lol from rat to snake to monkey. Animal farm

@mikaisuleiman “U ar d real monkeys, u and ur colleague. Come 2019 u ar all not going anyway but rather staying bck home

@12n34 “@dinomelaye am so disappointed this is coming from you. Where’s te you leading this country to? Have you forgotten that younger generations are looking up to you. So pathetic. See posterity will judge all of you.

@harborlorleh “I don’t really know if you guys are trying to be comedians because this is absolutely not funny at all. Public funds, Nigeria leaders !!! Haba. Its started with rat then Snake does it own twice, now it’s Monkey, please what should we be expecting in the next so comedy show you guys are passing on media.

@aregbesolam “You all are snake,and monkey stolling all country money



Nollywood Actress Chinyere Wilfred, has been trailed with bleaching allegations by fans.

Mrs Chinyere Wilfed, a Nollywood actress has been trailed by fans with bleaching allegations,

The accusations came up after the actress participated in the throwback frenzy in her Instagram page, where she posted an undated picture of herself alongside a recent one.

The contrasts in the old and recent pictures were quite glaring, so, some fans took to the comment section to accuse her of over using skin lightening creams.

Toyin Aimakhu, posts a picture she took with Genevieve Nnaji, says, they would be up to something in 2018.

Nollywood (Yoruba) movies actress, Toyin Aimakhu, was starstrucked as she met with fellow Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji. they both took a selfie, which Toyin posted on her IG page, saying that Genevieve makes stardom look so easy, as she captioned;Spent some quality time yesterday with the queen @genevievennaji . She makes stardom looks so easy. We will be up to something in 2018.