My Favourite Event for 2017; Banky and Adesuwa’s wedding. Yay!

It is no news that following the Nigerian Romantic Comedy,’The Wedding Party’, which was released worldwide on December 2016, the fans couldn’t get enough of the couple who were so cute together, and looked just like a match made in heaven. Fans kept on telling them how much they wished that the ‘movie couple’ would actually become ‘A Thing’ for real. lol. Well, the pretty looking couple blew the minds of fans, when they made it public via social media that they were a couple(dating). Yup, it melted our hearts then, just as its doing right now. lol…

The couple in 2017 took the relationship to the next level by having their introduction ceremony on May 6th, and their white wedding on November 19th 2017, in company of close friends and family. And trust me, from the bride, to the groom, to the guests, they all came dressed to kill! (Whispers) ‘yeah we all know how Ebuka finished work with his designers agbada,’ and set a new trend, as every tailor started making the pirated version of the agbada. lol……. anyway, back to the celebrity couple, that won this space in Jayzblog….. Ahem… With the announcement of their engagement that was in May 2017 and the build up until November 2017, the wedding could be said to bearguably one of the most anticipated in the year 2017.

After his big day, Banky W took to instagram, where he expressed gratitude for his wedding and his lovely bride. he exclaims, “I don’t deserve to see this day, I don’t deserve this woman, I don’t deserve the family and friends I have…“Somehow, God saw it fit to bless me with all of it anyway. In this moment, I am so happy, so grateful and so thankful….. “And so ready to take this step – By God’s grace and mercy, here’s to forever, he wrote. We at lifestylewithJayzblog, have declared Banky and Adesuwa’s wedding, as our favourite Event of 2017. We wish them a happy and blissful married life. cheers!


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