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Call it marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, or even other conventional names like ganja, dagga, and the likes. This herb has served both medical and recreational purposes over the years. Many people over the years have consumed the herb through burning the flowersand consuming the smoke. But recently marijuana edibles have been included among other concentrates as a method of consuming this herb, not just for recreational purposes, It has also been seen as a healthier form of consumption for medicinal purpose.

A number of marijuana users have switched from the regular smoking to other safer methods including edibles. Since the legalization of marijuana in some states, the level of consumption of marijuana edibles have increased and more people are switching to the consumption of edibles rather than the continual intake of smoke into their body.

This definitely feels like a safer method to intake the herb, with all the warnings and adverts on the adverse effect of smoking, many marijuana lovers, have switched to getting the same benefits of the herb, through intake of edibles. The introduction of edibles seems like a beneficial method for people who want to use the herb for its benefits, but can’t phantom the idea of intaking smoke into their body.
Edibles is a type of marijuana concentrate; this means the intoxicating effect is much higher than that of the regular method of smoking the flowers. Edibles are achieved by infusing the oils into food products:

  • Baked foods/snacks:

Cookies, candy, brownies, waffles.

  • Candy:

Lollipop, lozenges, gummies, chewing gum, fruit bars, marchmellows, truffles, chocolate, hard candy, sweets.
Others: sugar, syrups, butter, jerky.
Some other marijuana infused drinks, may be referred more specifically as liquid edibles or drinkables. Some types include:

  • Beverages:

Beer, iced tea, coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, energy drinks, shots.

When taking edibles, you should be aware, that edibles are a form of concentrates, which means they are in a more concentrates form. If cannabis were to be alcohol, regular smoking would be like taking a light beer, while taking edibles or concentrates would be like taking hard liquor.

Start Slow:
When starting with edibles, start slow. Try and gauge your limits and allow your self to earn and understand your limits with edibles. Most edibles contain THC or CBD infused in it. However, the level of THC or CBD in a single serving are usually identified on the label. Make sure your read the label to understand the level of consumption per serving.

Also, unlike the regular smoking, edibles take between 30-60 minutes to kick in and start showing effects. So, don’t rush it. When you start eating it, and don’t feel any effect immediately, give it some time to kick in, so you don’t end up overdosing on it.
Now you can enjoy the feel good, or medicinal effect, of your favorite herb through different means. If you’re not a fan of imputing smoke into your body, you can always switch to edibles, or any other concentrates. Also, don’t forget that this herb has different effects on different people. Try to start light, especially if you’re just trying edibles. Start light and exercise some patience. It may take some time to kick in.

Also note that cannabis is very addictive, and its not a treat for everyone. If you have low addiction tolerance, please don’t start it. This article is especially for people who are already addicted to marijuana, and are looking for a healthier means of consumption.

Disclaimer: This article does not support drug abuse of any form, and doesn’t encourage people to start taking marijuana or any feel-good herb, for purposes other than medicinal.


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