Ladies, can you allow your man do this? is it too much?

Hey guys! its usually a nice sight, when you see a man having fun with his kids and showering them with love. Men of nowadays are becoming even more fund of their kids and its actually a good sign that men are evolving into more humane and ‘fun’ beings, lol,(No offence tho)..  but is there a place to put the caution sign, and draw the line when it comes to being mushy with the kids? So guys, I stumbled upon this picture, and it got a few questions popping in me head. we are in a strange world so, you can’t really blame me…

Image result for flavour daughter

we might know who that is, but well… thats not the point..

So, for the Gentlemen, can you do this? and for the Ladies, would you allow your man to do this?


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