How Fashion Designer gave out Brides Cloth to Celebrity


A Benin bride with Instagram handle @rettypety, decided to speak out through social media, to express her disappointment at her designer whose handle is @rikatobyme, who was said to have given her cloth out to the celebrity @mercyaigbe, a day before her wedding, allowing her to have to settle for another cloth which she sent instead. The pained and disappointed bride took to Instagram to express her grievances, as she said explained the whole situation of the unfortunate event, and how her fashion designer gave out her cloth to the celebrity, for her(the celebrity’s) birthday photoshoot. she also shared videos of the dress that the designer sent to her during the making, which was the same as the one Mercy Aigbe wore for the photoshoot, claiming that “the greedy designer decided to ruin her big day”. However, after the whole issue had been exposed all over the internet, the accused fashion designer @rikaotobyme, has also taken to her instagram page to give an apology to the bride, as well as the celebrity involved. she used this means to explain her own version of the story, as she said that there was a mix-up in the process of delivering the cloths, as the cloth that she was supposed to deliver to Mercy Aigbe, was also red, so, according to the designer, the person delivering the cloth mixed them up, so before she could do anything about it, the cloth was already being shipped to Edo state, so she called the bride, telling her there was an error, and asking her to make do with the dress that was already being shipped she however appologised to the bride, and the celebrity who she said was being dragged into it.. The fact remains that this could either have been a big mixup, or it could have been a well crafted plan. which do you think it is?



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