Dealing with the stress of waiting

Waiting can be a dreadful period in a persons life, it can come with a high level of anxiety and stress. Although, the waiting periods are super essential, since it is most times, the period between when you work towards a goal, and when you actually achieve your goal, or not. Hence, waiting usually gives way to breakthroughs, doesn’t it? So, is waiting really a problem? No, but waiting unnecessarily, can be a huge pain, and waiting indefinitely, worse so. Usually, people have a bunch of reasons to wait. I mean, nothing can make me wait, if I dont think it would be worth my wait in the first place. Reasons could vary from expecting a huge contract in a couple of months, to waiting for your dream company to finally call you for your appointment letter, to waiting for a medical test result, or an examination result, to waiting for your kids to grow, to waiting for your fiancee to return from that long time travel, the instances go on, and on. Western women of the ancient days did it, they had to wait months, and even years for their husbands to come back from war, whereas, some waited for eternity, as their brave husbands never returned.

Ever heard the saying; “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”? yeah, I have too. I bet you, its not as easy as it sounds. Those who have experienced it can tell. I’m not trying to discourage you, no, on the contrary, lets discuss, and just ease the struggles of our waiting souls. To be very honest, no one likes waiting. we just wish everything could be done on time. The zeal to finish one project fast, and start another, or, just to move onto the next stages or aspects of your life, as fast as you can. Please, if it’s not absolutely necessary, refrain from having people wait for too long, there is a mental and psychological stress that accompanies long periods of waiting. You don’t have to be a perpetrator of such torture. waiting in itself, is hard enough, but waiting indefinitely is absolutely inhuman! please, let us desist from making people wait indefinitely.

If you are in this situation of waiting for something, and you are going through this stress right now, here are a few ideas for you:

Second Guessing Yourself is Natural:

Its ok, for you to have doubts, you may start to think about all the thigs you mightt have done wrong, and everything you could have done better. That is absolutely natural.. How else can you review your past, and learn from your mistakes? Interesxtingly, whenever we start to think about what we must have done wrong, and start questioning ourselves, we find a bunvh of errors.. but therewouldalways be a nagging lists of things you could have done better; a better way to to phrase that paragraph, a better approach to writing that project.. how the conversation could have been smoother… top beating yourself up!

Its not much about what you did or didnt do:

The past is what it is, and it cant be undone.. thin about now. what can you do nowto help yoursekf? How can you savour the situation? what other carreer can you pick up? what other applications can you send? who can you talk to? what other things can you do while you wait? all these things help you channel your energy more productively.

Prepare for the worst:

Never expect anything to go as planned.. mosttimes, they never do. prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome.. psych yourself to be ready for whatever you get. have other plans, just in cabe this one doent work out.. jave a plan ‘B’, ‘c’, e.t.c

Be Grateful:

Always remember to be grateful for all those little things you have freely, never ake anything tfor granted. some wish to have what you have now, so let the food on your table, the shelter over your head, the water you freely get be enough to remind you of being thankful

The anxiety of waiting can be gruesome, but, when lifegivesyou lemons, you can makelemonades out of it. Dont let life shock you, plan ahead, have alernatives, make the best out of your wait.. learn new skills.. and have a preparedmind, for ehatever outcome. And is you are in a position to keep someone waiting, please, limit the wait time, as much as possible. If you know the outcome is negative, give the person the negative response early, don’t allow the person wait so long, and still get a negative response.

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