Don’t Ignore People With Suicidal thoughts.


Don’t Ignore People With Suicidal thoughts.


Suicide ases have been very rampant in modern times, people; Africans especially easily overlook it when people show signs of depression, and certain changes in actions and dispositions, signs of dejection and the likes. Parents, spouses, and friends, have a huge role to play in caring for loved ones whom they know are going through some imbalanced psychological phase in their lives. It is also good to note that prevention is always better than cure, so, if we understand cases that can lead to this act, we can find a way hinder it, by avoiding getting to put people in such tight situations, that give them that feeling that makes them to consider giving up in general. Here are a list of things that can lead people to committing suicide;


A person can feel caged in many aspects, this is a feeling that you are stuck in an unhappy place, you have weighed every option and realized that there is no way you can help yourself out of that situation, you feel stuck, and unloved enough by anyone, you think of a way out, and you can’t come up with any other option than leaving the world completely. The feeling of being trapped comes in different forms, and could be caused by different factors and people. For instance,aids and children who are completely restricted, not cared for, and not handles well, regularly insulted or beaten, and not listened to is mlbery likely to be suicidal. This affects the children more than the maid because the maid can easily run away, going back to where he/she came from, but a child has no where to run to, hence having suicidal These and many other factors can make someone feel trapped. So, please parents, and older or younger siblings should be watchful of sudden or not so sudden change in their child’s attitude. You should also make the environment as conducive as possible for you child.


When you are in a privileged position over someone, whom you know is dependent on you, and you use that opportunity to physically, mentally, or emotionally abuse. Take the alternative of communicating with your children, counsel and advice most times. When a child is beaten all the time, and and brought down regularly, or made to feel like she/he is no good, then he begins to feel unloved and look for other alternatives, when he can’t get one he/she begins to consider ending life completely. Also victims of sexual abuse begin to feel that they have no usefulness in life, they feel used and worthless, so, they contemplate suicide.


We all should understand how important it is to be in good health. however, in some certain circumstances, some people might not be physically sound, and might lose good health for a long period of time, which affects them psychologically, that they might begin to feel useless of feel like they are suffering too much, and contemplate suicide. People who have been diagnosed with certain chronic and incurable illnesses like HIV/AIDS, certain kinds of cancer, that required loss if body parts, Ebola, some conditions that has left them in chronic and constant pains, which they find unbearable, like rheumatism among others, may begin to have suicidal thoughts, because they might not be able to bear this realization, and come to terms with some certain conditions. these people need reassurance from friends family an d loved ones, that they are not a liability, and they are not alone in their health struggle, and that you would join them in the fight. this reassurance make them believe that there is hope and definitely they would want to survive rather then giving up. people who are imprisoned also get the suicide urge, because they crave the freedom that is being enjoyed by every other person, they feel like they are not living as well as they would want, and they begin to have suicide thoughts.

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Some signs are exhibited by suicidal people include; low sense of humour, inability to communicate or interact normally, as they tend to avoid discussions sometimes. Being lost in thought regularly, being a loner, aggressive traits, loss of appetite, loss of interest in things happening in the environment, visiting or calling people to put things in order,Clinical depression — deep sadness, loss of interest, trouble sleeping and eating — that gets worse, having a “death wish,” tempting fate by taking risks that could lead to death, such as driving fast or running red lights, losing interest in things one used to care about, making comments about being hopeless, helpless, or worthless

People who have suicidal thoughts need friends an family who truly love them to comfort them, make them feel loved and understood. Never be forceful with them as that would worsen the situation. Encourage them, tell them that they have you, and explain to them that they are not alone and would overcome every situation. They need the support of loved ones. Most of them believe that no one would miss them, and this is because no one has really been emotionally there for them, so reassuring them of how much you care by holding their hands and reminding them that they aren’t alone is the least you can do to stop them from going ahead with it.


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