Meet UK Man Who Tattooed His Face And Full Body Black


Art is truly a beautiful beautiful thing, and requires appreciation. while some would rather have art works on their walls, gates, and gardens, others would rather have these art works on their body. the case of a UK based tattoo addict Eli Ink must be the weirdest and most extreme form of appreciation I have seen, as the white man tattooed his full body black.


The 27 year old tattoo lover spent 10 to 12 years modifying his body and creating new looks for himself. He used several coats of black ink to permanently darken his skin colour. He also implanted stretchers in his nose, ears and lower part of his lips, and even dyed his eyes black, as part of the transformation process to turn himself into a walking exhibition of his tats.

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The tattoo artist also went on to dye his eye and eyeballs black, and also inked the inner part of his mouth. he went on to say; “I’ve always been blown away by art itself. Picasso is a huge childhood inspiration to me, especially abstract art, but I do like all forms of art. Body art was just the next local step for me growing up. “I wanted to look like an abstract character in one of Picasso’s paintings. I love the abstract look, no thought , just pure expression.”


The tattoo king who  sees his body as a canvas that can display his fine art work, explains that “In my opinion, the only person who will only ever understand my transition properly is me. I don’t attempt to describe it to anyone,” he told the Mail Online.


Mr Ink admitted there can be horrifying consequences if the eye dying procedure goes wrong. The procedure involves tattooing the whites of eyeballs involves delicately injecting ink in-between two layers of the Scleral of the eye and letting it spread out. He added: “That’s the risk you take letting anyone near your eyes, even trained surgeons can make mistake. Body modification is a risk taker’s lifestyle.”

eli ink

Speaking of his dating life, The gardener, turned full-time tattoo artists extreme transformation seems not to be a threat to his love life, He says his girlfriend Holly, another body-mod enthusiast, is madly in love with him.


He doesn’t seem bothered about negative reaction.He said: “The best is always nice compliments, that’s always nice to hear, either from tattoo collectors or just passers-by, the worst is always older generation looking down on you and making you feel worthless.”


Eli said he has not yet finished with his tattoos “Well, the head is half-finished and some other parts of my body as well. I want to get it all black and then I will get white designs on top which should look really cool. And then ten years later, if I don’t like the white design anymore, I can just get another layer of black to cover it up and get new white designs. It will basically work like a chalkboard.”



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Monkeys Carted Away N70million from Senators Farm House. Nigerians Blast the senators

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Okay, we really have some smart ass monkeys in this country – the news have it that these animals successfully stole N70million from a senators farm house. Recall that we recently had an incident if a snake that swallowed N36million from Jamb Office in Benue State, and now another animal has done it again! Smart animals right?

This reminds us of “The Animal Farm” by George Orwell, where animals in a certain farm were fed up of how they were being treated by their owners and wanted liberation. the animals proclaimed all of humanity to be cruel oppressors, and animals will only be liberated if they band together and rebel against their human owners.

So, with the recent happenings, can we say that this rebellious revolution is coming into reality as our animals now know the value of money and chose to cart them away in large amount?

money monkey1

Going back to the source of the information, Senator Shehu Sani( APC, Kaduna) gave some insights that about #70million belonging to the Northern Senators Forum, was claim ed to have been carted away be monkeys in a Farm House. He stated that this was why Abdullahi Adamu (APC Nasarawa) was removed as chairman of Northern Senators Forum. Abdullahi Adamu’s removal was announced in a letter read by the presiding officer Ike Ekweremadu, shortly before the end of the plenary on Wednesday. The letter which was signed by the forums Public Relation Officer, Dino Malaye noted that Mr Adamu was removed for ‘”financial mismanagement and misadministration”. Both Dino Malaye and the accused Mr Adamu have refused to speak about the Monkey and #70million allegation; Mr Adamu told journalists that he would speak at the appropriate time.

While this is ongoing, twitter influencers/users, have gone on twitter to tweet their candid opinions about the situation.

memesmemes 2

However, some twitter users said that the Monkey and #70million may have been sarcastic, instance:

david plies

Following this, Dino Malaye took to social media to posta picture of himself and Sen Shehu Sanni which he captioned; “Sen Shehu and I strategizing on how to arrest the Monkey that stole our money”.

Nigerians didnt find the humour in the lawmakers post,

They described the situation of blaming animals for stolen funds as a shame to the country.

DAILY POST brings you some of the comments:

@chrisakugold “You are talking nonsense thief. You are one of those monkey that stole the money. God will punish you m.@dinomelaye

@osakwe “You should be ashamed of ur self !!! When your time expires on earth u will acct to a greater power !

@krystolite “imagine such statement from a statesman, joke or not. Oro jati jati

@yucyfix “You guys really ought to be ashamed of yourselves lol from rat to snake to monkey. Animal farm

@mikaisuleiman “U ar d real monkeys, u and ur colleague. Come 2019 u ar all not going anyway but rather staying bck home

@12n34 “@dinomelaye am so disappointed this is coming from you. Where’s te you leading this country to? Have you forgotten that younger generations are looking up to you. So pathetic. See posterity will judge all of you.

@harborlorleh “I don’t really know if you guys are trying to be comedians because this is absolutely not funny at all. Public funds, Nigeria leaders !!! Haba. Its started with rat then Snake does it own twice, now it’s Monkey, please what should we be expecting in the next so comedy show you guys are passing on media.

@aregbesolam “You all are snake,and monkey stolling all country money



The Gucci Craze! See your favorite celebrities rock Gucci outfits.

The Gucci brand which has made its name as one of the top brands in the world, founded by Guccio Gucci in 1927, and taken over by Creative Director Alessandro Michele in 2015 has entered 2018 in grand style. Yes, you heard me right!. The Italian Luxury Brand has done a bunch of ad campaigns of recent, in one of which, the brand paid homage to the black disco culture, where it featured all black models. An action which was quite significant and idealistic.

Image result for gucci black disco culture ad campaign  Image result for gucci black disco culture ad campaign disco gucci.jpg

The popular brand has brought back designs worn in the 60’s and 80’s in grand style a large number of  International and African celebrities have been seen rocking the brand in 2018 Pop Queen Beyonce who has been seen on many occassions on the having on the designers cloth, has cited that it is one of her absolute favourites. Hip hop artistes like Migos, Gucci Mane, and French Montana among others have been sited as they championed the brand.

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The energy carried by the brands revamp has also rubbed off on the Nigerian celebrities, who are all being blown away by the euphoria and positive energy being carryed by the 2018 Gucci wind. The trend didn’t go by the Nigerian celebrities, as they are rocking the designers which costs about 135k for a headband, and about 1.5m for sweaters, similar to the one Wizkid wore for his concert that held in December. celebrities like Davido, Wizkid, actress Tonto Dikeh, media babygirl, Toke Makinwa, Hushpuppy, and ofcourse Tiwa Savage who rocked the soundcity mvp awards looking like a bag of money as she was dressed from head to toe in gucci outfit.

SoundcityMVP BEST FEMALE 💣💣💣

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