China has Banned Hip Hop Culture, and Tatoos from Media and Television


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As reported by Sina, a Chinese news outlet,  The country’s top media regulator — The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) has now required specifically that actors who have tatoos or depict hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture), should not be featured in programs.

Gao Changli, director of the administration’s publicity department, outlined four “Don’t” rules on Friday:

Absolutely do not use actors whose heart and morality are not aligned with the party and whose morality is not noble
Absolutely do not use actors who are tasteless, vulgar and obscene
Absolutely do not use actors whose ideological level is low and have no class
Absolutely do not use actors with stains, scandals and problematic moral integrity

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The ban is said to follow the removal of the prominent rapper GAI from ‘Hunan TV’s Singer’, a hit competition show. Clips of GAI, whose real name is Zhou Yan, were also removed from China Hunan TV’s official Youtube Channel. Music by Triple H, an influential underground rapper, has also been removed from major streaming sites, a contestant on the show Super Brian, which is not hip-hop related, even had his hip-hop style necklace blurred out,, another well-known rapper, Wang Hao, aka PG One was forced to apologize earlier this month after one of his songs, “Christmas Eve,” was criticized for promoting drug culture and insulting women. Also. Chinese rapper Mao Yanqi, aka VaVa, was cut from the variety show Happy Camp, according to Tecent News.

The recent ban doesn’t seem to go be generally accepted by the Chinese social media, as some angrily responded;

“SARPPFT is so trashy! They didn’t want to give Chinese hip pop singers any chance of survival! we can go back to ancient times,” wrote one user on Weibo — China’s equivalent of Twitter.

“How can a government with high culture have such childish logic?” asked another.

University of Ilorin(Unilorin) releases dress-code for students


The University of Ilorin, Nigeria, as at 22nd of January, 2018, have released a dress code for their students. as they stated that the mode of dressing of an individual is a reflection  of their character.

All students are reminded that the dress code put in place must be observed at all times. Some of the dress code do’s and don’ts, are: For Females; wearing short, skimpy dress, skirts above the knees, tight trousers, see through materials, unpacked hair, fixing if hair attachmens. For Males; Sagging, tattered trousers, knickers, and unaccceptable hair cut styles.

You are hereby required to note that the
following constitute inappropriate mode of
dressing that will not be tolerated in the
University environment (including Lecture Halls,
Library, Laboratories, Examination Venues,
Seminar Rooms, Faculties and Administrative
building as well as in University Vehicles):
1. Dress that exposes any sensitive parts
of the body e.g. cleavage, chest, back,
navel, thigh and armpit (clothes that
reveal the armpits when hands are
raised e.g. sleeveless/half sleeves);
2. Tight fitting wears;
3. Transparent/See Through Wears;
4. Tattered Jeans/Ripped Jeans;
5. T-shirts with obscene inscriptions,
depicting immorality, hooliganism, etc.;
6. Indelible markings and body tattoos by
male students;
7. Leggings/Jeggings trousers with
8. Skimpy dresses e.g. Spaghetti,
Camisole only, body hugs, topless
blouse and shorts;
9. Knickers;
10. Bathroom slippers not acceptable within
the administrative and academic areas;
11. Heavy make-ups;
12. Sagging trousers;
13. Wearing of earrings by male students;
14. Rumpled and dirty clothes;
15. Skin/ear piercing by male students;
16. Dread, Galax, Fadeoutand Rough Coil
Haircuts, Unkempt Appearance; and
17. Hair plaiting or weaving by male
Some Faculties and Departments have
prescribed Dress Codes for their students.
Students in such Faculties or Departments are
expected to comply with such Codes.

while some people vote for the motion, saying that it would allow the students focus more on their academics, and avoid frivolities, others, say that the rules for dress code in a federal university is un-called for. What do you think about this new development?


Too Bad! The wife of a popular pastor in Ghana has leaked her own s** video accidentally.

Osofo Maame, the wife of a popular pastor in Ghana has acccidentally leaked her own 18+ video on a whatsapp group she belongs to, as revealed by

We can’t say for sure who she intended to send the video to, maybe she intended to send it to her husband, and at the heat of the moment, she sent it to a group chat.

In the background of the video, you can hear the cry of a baby, but the lady seems to be more interested in the passion of the moment, as she was seen playing with her vital organs, and dancing seductively to the camera.

Don’t Ignore People With Suicidal thoughts.


Its not news that suicide cases has become very rampant in modern times, people, Africans especially easily overlook it when people show signs of depression, and certain changes in actions and dispositions, signs of dejection and the likes. Parents, spouses, and friends, have a huge role to play in caring for loved ones whom they know are going through some imbalanced psychological phase in their lives. It is also good to note that prevention is always better than cure, so, if we understand cases that can lead to this act, we can find a way hinder it, by avoiding getting to put people in such tight situations, that give them that feeling that makes them to consider giving up in general. Here are a list of things that can lead people to committing suicide;

  1. FEELING OF BEING CAGED OR IN A BOX: A person can feel caged in many aspects, this is a feeling that you are stuck in an unhappy place, you have weighed every option and realized that there is no way you can help yourself out of that situation, you feel stuck, and unloved enough by anyone, you think of a way out, and you can’t come up with any other option than leaving the worldcompletely. The feeling of being trapped comes in different forms, and could be caused by different factors and people. For instance,aids and children who are completely restricted, not cared for, and not handles well, regularly insulted or beaten, and not listened to is mlbery likely to be suicidal. This affects the children more than the maid because the maid can easily run away, going back to where he/she came from, but a child has no where to run to, hence having suicidal These and many other factors can make someone feel trapped. So, please parents, and older or younger siblings should be watchful of sudden or not so sudden change in their child’s attitude. You should also make the environment as conducive as possible for you child
  2. PHYSICAL/SEXUAL ABUSE: When you are in a privileged position over someone, whom you know is dependent on you, and you use that opportunity to physically, mentally, or emotionally abuse. Take the alternative of communicating with your children, counsel and advice most times. When a child is beaten all the time, and and brought down regularly, or made to feel like she/he is no good, then he begins to feel unloved and look for other alternatives, when he can’t get one he/she begins to consider ending life completely. Also victims of sexual abuse begin to feel that they have no usefulness in life, they feel used and worthless, so, they contemplate suicide.
  3. CHRONIC PHYSICAL ILLNESS/PHYSICAL PAIN & INCARCERATION: We all should understand how important it is to be in good health. however, in some certain circumstances, some people might not be physically sound, and might lose good health for a long period of time, which affects them psychologically, that they might begin to feel useless of feel like they are suffering too much, and contemplate suicide. People who have been diagnosed with certain chronic and incurable illnesses like HIV/AIDS, certain kinds of cancer, that required loss if body parts, Ebola, some conditions that has left them in chronic and constant pains, which they find unbearable, like rheumatism among others, may begin to have suicidal thoughts, because they might not be able to bear this realization, and come to terms with some certain conditions. these people need reassurance from friends family an d loved ones, that they are not a liability, and they are not alone in their health struggle, and that you would join them in the fight. this reassurance make them believe that there is hope and definitely they would want to survive rather then giving up. people who are imprisoned also get the suicide urge, because they crave the freedom that is being enjoyed by every other person, they feel like they are not living as well as they would want, and they begin to have suicide thoughts.

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Some signs are exhibited by suicidal people include; low sense of humour, inability to communicate or interact normally, as they tend to avoid discussions sometimes. Being lost in thought regularly, being a loner, aggressive traits, loss of appetite, loss of interest in things happening in the environment, visiting or calling people to put things in order,Clinical depression — deep sadness, loss of interest, trouble sleeping and eating — that gets worse, having a “death wish,” tempting fate by taking risks that could lead to death, such as driving fast or running red lights, losing interest in things one used to care about, making comments about being hopeless, helpless, or worthless

People who have suicidal thoughts need friends an family who truly love them to comfort them, make them feel loved and understood. Never be forceful with them as that would worsen the situation. Encourage them, tell them that they have you, and explain to them that they are not alone and would overcome every situation. They need the support of loved ones. Most of them believe that no one would miss them, and this is because no one has really been emotionally there for them, so reassuring them of how much you care by holding their hands and reminding them that they aren’t alone is the least you can do to stop them from going ahead with it.

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Churchill Stops Tonto’s reality show from airing. Tonto reacts.

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The drama between Tonto Dike and her ex-husband Olakunle Oladunni Churchill has not ended, as Churchill has filed a court case stopping her from airing her reality show- King Tonto, which featured herself and her baby King Andrea, which showcases their life, walks and works since the fall of her marriage . It was produced by Linda Ikeji media limited. The court has rules in favour of Churchill, who claimed that the child was too young to concede to being part of the show, and that he was being used solely for monetary gain. View the court statement below.insidelagostv-1516115765865Image result for churchill sues tonto, stops reality show from airingImage result for churchill sues tonto, stops reality show from airingImage result for churchill sues tonto, stops reality show from airing

Churchill claims that this is the first step to be taken by towards protecting his son’s rights as captured under the Child Rights Law of Lagos State.  Mr Churchill is of the opinion that featuring King in such a production is solely to exploit his son for financial gain, expose the life and times of the little boy at a period when he cannot make a decision for himself.

Tonto Dikeh who had last year aired a reality show of how she underwent surgery to enhance her body shape, seems not to be moved by the actions of Churchill, as nothing seems to be stopping Tonto from going ahead with the campaign for the show.

The actress in an indirect response to all who have been asking what would happen now since her baby daddy is bent on stopping the show, posted the one minute campaign video on her page telling the fans to watch out.


Mercy Aigbe responds to aggrieved brides threat to sue, by also threatening to sue..(Red Dress Saga)

This red dress issue has been making headlines barely a month into 2018, Mercy Aigbe has threatened to sue the bride Lawrentta Adesuwa Sawyer, with instagram name  @retypetty, the celebrity did this in reaction to the brides earlier threat to file a law case against the designer. whose instagram handle is @rikaotobyme and the media mersonality and actress @mercyaigbe, the bride had accused the designer and actress of conniving, as the brides lawyer had made public a letter, threatening to sue rikaotobyme and Mercy Aigbe.

The Nollywood actress didn’t seem to find this funny, as she responded  to the threat and took to her instagram page

She wrote;

“The lingering ‘Red Dress’ issue continued this morning as the bride threatened to sue the designer Rikaotobyme and also falsely accused me of connivance with the said designer …..( without substantial proof or evidence )
Having served Rikaotobyme a letter tru my lawyer on Jan 8 to issue an official statement on the above subject matter with clear indications that I have never met her before or transacted business with her which she failed to do, I have instructed my lawyer to go ahead and seek redress.

For the bride, in as much as I sympathize with her, I take exception to her accusing me falsely and trying to cast aspersions on my person.
I have given the bride tru her lawyers 7 days to retract the statement that read thus; ‘the sequence detailed above has evidenced a deliberate and fraudulent conspiracy between the designer and Ms Mercy Aigbe to convert our client’s legal property for selfish gains’. This is a malicious allegation. Whao, where is the legal property I want to convert. What a statement. I hereby demand a retraction and public apology, failure to do so I will have no option than to seek redress in the law court by suing her ( the bride) and the designer for false accusation and trying to defame my person…….😇😇😇”

Ladies, can you allow your man do this? is it too much?

Hey guys! its usually a nice sight, when you see a man having fun with his kids and showering them with love. Men of nowadays are becoming even more fund of their kids and its actually a good sign that men are evolving into more humane and ‘fun’ beings, lol,(No offence tho)..  but is there a place to put the caution sign, and draw the line when it comes to being mushy with the kids? So guys, I stumbled upon this picture, and it got a few questions popping in me head. we are in a strange world so, you can’t really blame me…

Image result for flavour daughter

we might know who that is, but well… thats not the point..

So, for the Gentlemen, can you do this? and for the Ladies, would you allow your man to do this?


Genevieve Nnaji and Funke Akindele removed from Avengers Cast List

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A popular movie review website, IMDB had revealed earlier that actress Funke Akindele was to play a role in the ongoing Super Hero movie Avengers, as a member of the Dora Milaje, a team of women who serve as personal bodyguards of the Black Panther, the spiritual leader of Wakanda.

Funke Akindele nd gene

It was revealed also that she was to act alongside international movie stars, Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth, in Marvel Studios’. But to the surprise of many, another peep into the site, and we see that the role of Dora Milaje had been given to another popular actress, Genevieve Nnaji. well, we could have sworn that jenifa’s diary star had been replaced by the popular black beauty, but the Marvel studios are keeping us very uncertain with this indecisiveness, as they have also removed Genevieve from the cast list.


Two Fashion Trends to look out for in 2018!


Be it bum bag, belt bag, or and other name its called, the bag has made a huge resurface in 2018. Yes, I said resurface! Some of us would would be amazed to know that this trend had been a big deal  back in the 18th the 20th century. The fanny pack had become so popular, that it became a joke, and source of mockery before it died down. The belt bag has in modern times fought its way back to relevance, and guess what? It won that battle, as top brands have made designers out of that portable and convenient lovely, we have Gucci, Prada, Dolce $ Gabbana, among other notable designers, investing in this trend. and lovers of comfort and fashion, have been seen wearing these bum bags.

gucci fanny pack bagprada fanny backsuzanne rae fanny packDolce $ Gabbana fanny pack

Many celebrities are fully rocking this welcomed ‘retro style’. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Beyonce, who had discovered it since2011, as she used it in her video ‘Party’, Kourtney Kadashian who has been seen on several occassions rocking those portables, Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner  has been spotted on several attires with the bum bags, Sophie Richie, Jared Leto, Matthew Mcconaughey, Fergie, Rihanna, WILL.I.AM, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Rock, among others, have been spotted rocking it.

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Some Nigerian celebrities have also taken up the bum bag trend, we have seen the likes of Olamide and Skales, among others rocking the trend…


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One other exciting thing about the bag is how you get to wear it in across the shoulders as well!

Definitely, 2018 is the year for Fannypack bags!

How would you rock yours? and to where?




This timeless brand Gucci has made an amazing entry into 2018, as it has gotten the interest of celebrities and fashionistas world wide. The gucci bags and sneakers have already been noticed worn by a number of style lovers, and media personalitieslike; Lesley Okoye,SA media personality Bonang Matheba, Toke Makinwa, Abisola Kola Daisi, Lisa Folawiyo. The sneakers had earlier been worn by Jennifer Lopez and Emme Maribel Muniz, her daughter with ex-husband Marc Anthony, as they were both spotted having a mother and daughter hang out, wearing these designers sneakers. Emme opted for the Ace style with a lady bug embroidery on one sneaker and a pineapple on the other, while J-Lo’s playful Ace style is done in sleek white leather with classic red and green stripes at the side. Each variation of the Ace has a unique embroidery over the stripes. Earlier same day, she had also been seen her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s daughter Natasha, who also had on Gucci sneakers.


Some Nigerian fashion lovers wouldn’t go unnoticed as they rock the Gucci sneakers and bags.

gucci sneakerstoke-makinwa-gucci\\\\\\\\\\

gucguc 2

So dears, its quite evident that 2018 would be seeing more of these fabulous trend!

Toke Makinwa rocks D$G sunglasses, posts on Instagram.

The media personality, Toke Makinwa has posted on her Instagram page, pictures of her on her D$G sunglasses which she recently purchased from the spring2018 collection. The stylish baby girl, is known to post pictures that prove her insatiable love for fashion, and quality designers. The D$G glasses were first seen on artiste, Rihanna, and also on rapper Trina.

Rihanna was spotted on these D$G babies when she was promoting her make-up line Fenty penty. The singer looked stunning on the shimmering black and silver embellished glasses, as she demonstrated ‘stunna’ lip paint which was her latest beauty product

Rihanna in stylish signature D&G sunglasses


The beautiful embellished glasses didn’t escape the interest of Rapper, Trina, who rocked the sparkling sunnies to the grammies.

Trina in embellished D&G shades.

The shades on the runway.

D&G logo shades on the runway

So guys, what”s your take on the shades? Yay/Nay? And where would you rock it to?